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Summa 390-534 Standard Tangential Knife Blades- 36deg
Summa T-Series Standard Tangential Knife Blade Lưỡi dao tiếp tuyến tiêu chuẩn Summa T-Series Bilah Pisau Tangensial Standar Summa T-Series Lama di coltello tangenziale standard serie T Summa Summa T-sorozat szabványos tangenciális késpenge ใบมีดแทงเจนต์มาตรฐาน Summa T-Series टी-सीरीज़ स्टैंडर्ड टेंगेंशियल नाइफ ब्लेड نصل السكين المماسي القياسي Summa T-Series Standard-Tangentialmesserklinge der Summa T-Serie Стандартный тангенциальный нож серии Summa T Lame de couteau tangentielle standard Summa T-Series Standardowe ostrze noża stycznego Summa serii T Summa T-serie standaard tangentieel mes Summa T シリーズ スタンダード タンジェンシャル ナイフ ブレード
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Summa 390-534 Standard Tangential Knife Blades- 36deg

The Summa Standard Tangential Knife 36 Degree Blades are high-quality blades that cut material up to .010" (.25mm) thick. The natural cutting action of tangential blades creates sharper corners and more precise cuts. Crafted from Tungsten Carbide, our genuine Summa blades hold a sharp edge between 10 and 50 X longer than cheaper steel blades.

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Brand Summa
Series Standard
Section Tangential Knife 36 Degree Blades 5 Pack
Part No 390-534
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Summa Milling & Router Bits

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