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Zund Z10 Carbide, drag knife blades 3910301

ZUND Flat Knife Blades , pulling and oscillating ZUND Flachmesserklingen, ziehend und oszillierend  Lames de couteau plates ZUND, tirant et oscillant  Ostrza do noży płaskich ZUND, ciągnące i oscylujące Lưỡi dao phẳng ZUND, kéo và dao động ใบมีดแบน ZUND ดึงและสั่น ZUND Flat Knife Blades, menarik dan berosilasi

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Zund Z10 Carbide, drag knife blades 3910301

Item no.


Knife Type

Drag Blade, flat-stock


Stable and robust double-edged drag blade. Similar to Z11, but with a larger overcut and longer life expectancy.


0.84 x Tm


0.84 x Tm

Max Cutting Depth mm


Knife thickness

1.5 mm

Knife Material


***Zund Punching Tools

***Zund Milling & Router Bits
Zund Cutting and routing underlays    
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